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I am offering customised cooking classes for groups of 4 - 6 people.

You can attend classes in small groups (4-6) people or, if needed, get online help.

Foodbuilder will support you in the kitchen.



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We have a beautiful, private space in our home which we have listed on AirBnb. Please click the link to find out more.

We also provide onsite cooking classes at these luxury holiday retreats

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Food blog


I am a Swiss and Australian National who has trained and worked in both hospitality education and the hospitality business for all of my working life. I have lived in Australia, Switzerland and Singapore. I have worked in high-end restaurants like Magill Estate and Bridgewater Mill. I was managing Haigh's Chocolate Store in Glenelg and Visitor Centre. In each of these places, I have learned more and more about my passion: Food!! I love cooking and in particular sustainable cooking. I am here to help you with ideas and advice so that you can get the most out of your pantry and fridge. That's why my business is called food builder! I am looking forward to working with you!

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What my guests are saying


"The breadmaking class I attended was such an amazing experience. Learning a life skill in a friendly, relaxed environment was a real treat. Anita's depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to food is endless. I highly recommend this to everyone."

"Foodbuilder brings European style and sophistication to South Australia! From the first communication to the final follow-up of how I had used my skills in my home, my foodbuilder experience of a bread making class was professional, unique, friendly and fun! Anita welcomed us into her inviting kitchen space, where we learnt skills, knowledge and theory about bread and grains that really built my understanding of food. From every kitchen gadget and device to packaged take-home ingredients, the organisation and attention to detail were amazing. The class was friendly and fun, aided by foodbuilder's generous hospitality, which included delicious home-cooked soups, wine, cheese and small goods that completed the experience. I will be back for another class and highly recommend foodbuilder."


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