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Stay With Anita

Indulge in a Unique Culinary Experience! Stay with us for the chance to craft your very own custom private dinner alongside the expert guidance of Anita. Alternatively, sit back and savour the moment as you witness Anita in action, preparing a delectable feast just for you. And don't forget to accompany your meal with a delightful glass of Kimbolton wine. To top it off, wake up to a sumptuous gourmet continental breakfast.

Alternatively, opt for our exclusive stay and breakfast-only package, that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Whatever you decide, your experience with us will be unforgettable.

Book now and treat yourself to an unforgettable gastronomic retreat.

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Welcome to my Home

Welcome to our property in Goolwa! 3/4 acre block on the outskirts of town but close enough to walk into the main street and the beach (3kms).


Modern house, rammed earth walls, polished concrete floors, jet spa pool, own bathroom, use of bbq, lots of birdlife, friendly safe neighbourhood.


Breakfast included!


Meet Jem, our beautiful Border Collie who is always up for a cuddle or play.


Want a cooking class? Swiss chef in residence! All is possible, let us know and we will send the details!

Using two duvets instead of one is something that people ask me about all the time. In Switzerland using two duvets is a normal things for us. It means no more fighting over the covers, or waking up freezing cold in the middle of the night. It makes the entire bedding situation more streamlined and customizable. 

Who knows, maybe you'll give it a try, too?

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