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Healthy food in summer

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

If the heat builds up in the body in summer, it takes up a lot of energy. In addition, fatty food digestion requires a lot of energy. All of this can be pretty tiring.

Therefore, light dishes with low calories put less strain on the body and provide it with plenty of fluids and essential nutrients which are healthy, tasty and designed to keep you fit even on hot days.

The day could start with a yoghurt and fruit mix with just a little bit of cereal. Water with some fresh peppermint, limes or lemon can keep your body liquified throughout the day.

Dairy dishes made from buttermilk, yoghurt or quark can also cool you down during the day. You can add fruits but also herbs if you prefer something a bit spicier.

A yoghurt drink is filling and refreshing at the same time. You can enjoy it sweet, mixed with fruits, or drink it pure and salty. It is also an excellent addition to spicy dishes. In addition, yoghurt drinks stimulate the body's cooling system.

Light lunches with salad are perhaps the most popular lunch in the summer heat. The fresh ingredients of greens and vegetables provide the body with many vital substances and can be combined.

If you use vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of water (e.g. tomatoes, cucumber, melons), it these provide the body with essential fluids. Also, steamed vegetables are light, easily digestible dishes for the hot season.

Light summer soups provide the body with plenty of fluids, minerals and nutrients. In addition, since they can be eaten cold, they offer cool refreshments. There are hardly any limits to your imagination, and you can try many combinations of ingredients. It is also a perfect option to use leftovers.

However, ice-cold dishes can be stressful for the body, as it has to compensate for the massive difference in body temperature and uncomfortable


Nevertheless, a summer without ice cream is unthinkable.

In this case, too, there are healthy recipes with fresh, vitamin-rich ingredients; for example, frozen yoghurt or sorbets, with little sugar. They even can be made without an ice cream machine.

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